Decarbonising Ireland

Climate disruption

Climate disruption is already having diverse and wide ranging impacts on Ireland's environment, society, economic and natural resources. Ervia, and Gas Networks Ireland, an Ervia company, are working together to support Ireland’s Climate Action Plan.


What we're doing

Our goal is to move Ireland towards a cleaner energy future working with other sectors to reduce CO2 emissions from the electricity, heating, industry, agriculture and transport sectors. We're assessing the role Carbon Capture and Storage can play in helping Ireland to meet its ambitious climate action targets.  We're also working to understand the critical role for hydrogen as part of Ireland's energy mix.

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Carbon Capture and Storage

What is Carbon Capture and Storage?

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a proven technology that captures up to 100% of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by major industries and electricity generation, preventing it from entering the atmosphere and causing climate change.  The captured CO2 is conditioned, compressed, and transported for permanent storage deep underground.

Why Ireland needs Carbon Capture and Storage

Ireland has major industries that produce CO2 emissions and Carbon Capture and Storage can capture up to 100% of these.  Ireland has ambitious climate action targets including 70% electricity generation from renewable resources such as wind and solar.  When the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine, gas provides a clean, safe backup. Carbon Capture and Storage can capture up to 100% of the CO2 emissions from gas fired electricity production.  Wind, solar and gas powered electricity with Carbon Capture and Storage means Ireland will have emissions free, secure and reliable electricity.

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Carbon Capture and Storage Feasibility Study

We’re at the early stages of a Carbon Capture and Storage feasibility study.  CO2 could be captured from industries and power plants in Ireland and transported to safe permanent stores around Europe.  In addition, the depleted Kinsale Head Gas Field shows potential as a future CO2 store and the related infrastructure shows potential for reuse in a Carbon Capture and Storage project.

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