Ervia, as a multi-utility company with subsidiary companies Gas Networks Ireland and Irish Water, is an open organisation which strives to be accountable and transparent to the public.

Ervia is committed to good governance, including a high level of transparency and accountability for itself and its subsidiaries, seeking to build trust while recognising the need to respect confidentiality and commercial sensitivities where appropriate.

Credit Ratings

We have developed a Transparency Policy, in order to enhance our accountability and in recognition of our duties as a responsible corporate citizen.

By publishing information in the categories set out below, we hope to deliver a better understanding of how the organisation operates and of Ervia’s role in delivering important national infrastructure and services to support the social and economic development of Ireland.

Gas Networks Ireland as the Transmission System Operator must make specific information in relation to its operations available on its website. This transparency requirement is outlined in Regulation (EC) 715/2009.

Irish Water and Gas Networks Ireland have Publication Schemes on their websites that provide specific information of significant public interest, as required by the Freedom of Information Act 2014.

Board Decisions

Ervia, as a semi-state company, is committed to good governance including a high level of transparency and accountability for itself and its subsidiaries. Ervia strives continuously to improve its transparency, accountability and governance processes to be at the forefront of corporate governance practice as a transparent and responsible organisation.

In keeping with this commitment, summaries of decisions approved by the Ervia board have been published on Ervia’s transparency webpage.

Summaries of subsequent board minutes will be published in due course.

In respect of Ervia’s subsidiaries, Irish Water and Gas Networks Ireland, both organisations are in compliance with Section 8 of the Freedom of Information Act 2014 and have published summaries of the decisions approved by each of their respective Boards in their Publication Schemes. Summaries of subsequent board decisions will be published following approval of each set of Board minutes.