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Credit Ratings

Ervia’s subsidiary, Gas Networks Ireland, holds an investment grade credit rating. The credit rating process involves an in-depth review of the company's financial and competitive position and its prospects going forward.

Financial Information

This section gives an overview of our key financial information. The 2015 Annual Report is our most recent set of published accounts.


Ervia Publishes Annual Report for 2015

Ervia today publishes its Annual Report for 2015, the second full year of operations for the multi-utility company responsible for Ireland’s national gas and water infrastructure. Ervia delivers its services through two operating companies, Gas Networks Ireland and Irish Water. In 2015, Ervia continued to enhance and expand the national gas network and began to address the massive underinvestment in Ireland’s water and waste water infrastructure over recent decades. Ervia is one of Ireland’s largest indigenous companies with 1,500 employees in 2015 and a further 5,700 employed in partner companies directly involved in providing services to its 2.4m customers. In 2015 Ervia contributed €1.8bn to the Irish economy, €1.3bn of which was to Irish suppliers.